New demographics?

Today I got thinking about how we’re living in an ageing population, coupled with people living longer, we’ve got a whopping senior demographic.  One day I might be sitting there with my mother and we’re both pensioners, both technically in the same demographic group!  Madness!  Surely the folk down at Mosaic really need to think this through, I mean that’s a pretty long lifestage, shouldn’t it be segmented? 

Attitudinally, I am sure me and my mother will be very different, as we now are because we’re from different generations.  Targeting brands to such a wide audience that is made up of the technologically mobile / silver surfers, to older, more laid-back retirees clearly is tricky because there’s such a margin of error.  We may doubt how much the older generation may be receptive to messaging, but as they are becoming increasingly mobile and adopting technologies, they’re infact just as ripe for targeting as younger audiences.  So, it really is an increasingly viable market, one which is growing and lacking in segmentation.  Just a random thought.   

  • Lisa Devaney

    Right on, I also like thinking about the older demographic and how today’s future pensioners will be more tech savvy. It will be interesting to see what the brand marketing is like when we all get there. Twitter, Google, eBay, all these brands will be household names for us and the services will be in new generations.

  • Jason Edge

    I completely agree. I have many clients in the Cruise sector which have tradionally targeted the 55+ age group. Attitudes of a 60 year old and an 80 year old are already quite disparate and with the leap in technology in the past decade or so this will only get worse.
    The need to further segment this demographic is essential if not for us marketers then at least for the recipients of our messages. Help us keep it relevant.