Sharp Focus campaign for Lynx Dry


I couldn’t work out if I liked this one or not.  It’s extremely arresting, in a weird way and it sticks with the overall Lynx brand strategically, it’s still about men pulling women by being compelling and attractive rather than sweaty, weird mingers – like that bloke!  It’s a clever angle to take on the sweating issue – it’s extreme.  I quite like the idea of taking this issue out of all proportions because it is human, people relate to it, as they do with attracting the opposite sex.  I think the initial awkwardness coupled with Lynx’s remedy is a  fantastic contrast.  It’s about making the problem bigger to make the solution bigger and it works wonders for the Lynx brand.  Despite my initial skin-crawling reservations, this one is a bit of a winner!

  • Nikki Sandison

    It caught my attention too when I saw it. It’s an original idea but I think I was just left thinking Lynx is weird rather than wanting to buy it but I’m not a bloke so maybe it works better on them.

  • karl Turley

    Nope does not work any better for me! I really find the ads to be off putting. I get the point and Lynx have to be one of the most consistent brands out there with their core message never really varying, but I much preferred the previous executions.

  • Zara Yusaf

    Hey… I am loving the new lynx dry sharp focus, it smells sooo good and i think the lynx effect adverts are awesome!!! Also it keeps you fresh all day long :)

  • riyaad moreea

    The new lynx dry focus is really good. It prevents me sweating and keeps me smelling good. Would definately recommend it

  • Alex Dobinson

    Lynx is a brilliant new product, I think its the best of its type in the market! The packaging is aesthetically pleasing and the advert is direct and sell the product well. The fragrance itself smells really nice and it works.